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            David was born an orphan on the street of Los Angeles with no direction or calling. He found a path that led him to video game art. As a youth David mastered the skills and life style of graffiti art, yet graffiti was just a dark chapter in this amazing artiest life. Graffiti is a beautiful crime and no crime should go unpunished, so as teenager David taught art to children in group homes across the San Fernando Valley. In doing so David quickly out grew his tastes for graffiti and started to master the traditional teaching of the renaissance masters.  He was self taught in perspective which gave his art remarkable depth. At age 18 he was heavily influence by color and found a new way of expressing himself through acrylic painting.
            Still living on the streets with no job and only a high school diploma David found that art supplies were hard to come by, yet one medium that David quickly took a liking to was digital painting. There was no mess to clean and no supplies to buy, all an artist needs is a computer. After a brief interdiction with Photoshop, Digital painting was David’s new favorite medium and the platform that he would launch his career into the video game industry. Heavily influence by video games, graffiti and the renaissance masters David decided to seek a degree at the Academy of Art University. David is currently a senior and has a breathtaking portfolio. He will be graduating at the end of 2011.
            David is an artist who has overcome obstacle after obstacle to reach a level of talent that has never been portrayed in any other digital artist. He is truly a master of his craft, and we can only expect more amazing art to come from this talented individual.